3 Weeks Already!!!

WOW~~~ Megyn is 3 weeks old today...The time is flying... She will be headed to college before I know it... She had a Doctors appt. today, She is now 6 pounds and 19 1/4 inches...The doctor is very happy with her progress and says he is very healthy....We can't wait to get our professional pictures of Megyn back...Jason did such an awesome job...We are so happy we found him...We will post the picture when we get them...This is our first family photo....

Check out Pictures of Megyn

We got professional pictures of Megyn done yesterday... We need your help... go to www.jasonlpowell.com go to his blog and you will see pictures of Megyn...Leave a message on what you think...if we get enough messages we get a special picture....They are SO good. I can't wait to get all of the pictures back.... Enjoy....Oh and come back here and let us know what you think... We are pretty proud of our little one......oh and when you read what Jason wrote about Megyn you will get a laugh, because she pooped on everything we put her on...It was wild how a 6 pound baby can crap SO much....lol

A little note to Megyn

Well baby Megyn you are just over a week old and your daddy and I can't believe how perfect you are. You are breast feeding like you have been doing it forever..You are hardly ever fussy only when you get hungry or you need a diaper change...You just love when your daddy swaddles you..It amazing how you calm down as soon as you get a "daddy swaddle." You are learning where you fingers and and have been trying to suck your thumb (just like your mommy did as a little one). You have the most beautiful lips, everyone thinks you look like your mommy...I was hoping you would get your daddy's feet, however it looks like you will be blessed with my flinstone feet (sorry munchkin). You remind your mommy and daddy a lot of your big sister Gwyn, because she always wanted her hands by her head. You always have your hands by your ears, except when you get a daddy swaddle...and even then sometimes you manage to get your arms free...So this week you have pooped on your mommy. I was changing your diaper and there it went projectile poop all over my tummy...I laughed so hard...it was so adorable, of coarse you weren't done and you decided to piddle on me too...You just love sleeping on my belly..I just love it...well until I am trying to feed you, don't worry I usually put a wet washcloth on your head and you eat away....Your daddy can't stop taking pictures of you, because we just think you are perfect....I just hope that when you get older you will realize how much your daddy and I love you....
The top picture was your daddy and I having fun with you by the Chrismas tree. The bottom one is right after you pooped on your mommy...You look so proud...lol...I love you Munchkin

Megyn Pictures

Well it has been almost a week since we welcomed our little princess into this world... We are still very happy and excited. She sleeps a lot so I have to wake her every 3 hours.. She is great at night. Logan and I feel great. Megyn has had many visitors. Our lab Koko loves her sister. Koko acts more like a mommy than a jealous sibling. Here are a few pictures we have taken. We are having professional pictures taken Friday, I can't wait to see how they turn out.

Megyn has arrived......Early!!!!

Megyn Velynda was born on 12/8/09 at 0212 am. She weighed 5 lbs 13 oz and was 18 inches long. She was born at 35 weeks 4 days. Megyn scored a 9 our of 10 on her apgar test. She is absolutely perfect. She was able to stay with Logan and I the entire hospital stay and we came home on 12/10/09. We feel so very blessed to have her in our lives....

Her birth story.....So I had been having contractions for weeks. I was on pocardia to help control them...Well on Monday 12/07/09 I was having more contractions than normal...We had dinner and I was just very uncomfy...I complained to Logan that I was done. I have been having contractions for too long and I just wanted to deliver her (I should have been careful what I wished for) So I got into bed and drank water around 7pm..I tried to relax and control my contractions. Well they were coming every 5 to 6 minutes apart. I really did not want to got to the hospital because I felt they would just send me home...Well at around 10 pm..one of my L&D nurses was on facebook...So I asked her, her opinion on if I should go to hospital or not. She advised that I should contact my doctors office. So I did. Dr. Monte called me right back..when I told him what was going on he told me to go to L&D...So I got up showered and packed a bag...We got to the hospital a little before 1 in the morning. Still thinking they would just send me home...We didn't bring Megyn's bag or carseat...just our stuff...Well once they checked me into triage..they called Dr. Monte...I heard the nurse say 30 minutes!?!? I asked Logan what was going on...he said he couldn't hear.. I figured they were going to give me a shot or put me on Mag sulfate to stop the contractions, because by now they were 2 to 5 minutes apart... The nurse rushed in and so did the charge nurse, they both started prepping me...I asked what was going on..They explained they only had 30 minutes to get me ready for a c section...I was like ...WHAT!!??? Totally did not expect this...Logan had enough time to run to the car and get the camera before they wheeled me to surgery...by 145am I had my spinal block and was waiting for surgery...I heard the Doctor say they were ready for the incision..and I realized Logan was not in the room yet. They ran and got him in time..It felt like it took for ever for them to get her out...Finally at 212 am I hear the loudest scream and lip quiver ever...She was so pissed to be yanked out of her cozy belly...Logan was able to cut the cord and stayed with her while she was cleaned up..Finally after what felt like FOREVER they brought her over to me...I couldn't hold back the tears of joy...Logan escorted her to the nursery. I had another hour of surgery left. Finally I went to recovery..Logan came in a few minutes later with Megyn...We were both so amazed they just gave her to him...We just weren't used to being normal parents...We held her for a while..She was so perfect,,,,,I was so in LOVE... We finally got to our room around 5 am they tried to let me sleep for an hour, but all I wanted was my little baby...they finally brought her to me...So needless to say, we did not sleep for the entire first day...she stayed in the room with us the entire time and has been just perfect,,,Logan and I are so happy to have our little munchkin. We both did so well they discharged us a day early. We are really enjoying being home where we can relax without tons of people coming into our room every 10 minutes....

2 weeks left!!!!

We had another doctors appt yesterday at 34 weeks 5 days. Megyn is weighing 5 lbs 7 oz. She is doing awesome. I am still having contractions about every 10 minutes. but my doctor thinks I can hold out another 15 days. I am just resting as much as possible. I finished all of my Christmas shopping. So now we are just patiently waiting for her arrival.

I had a friend Jim Houck from jameshouckphotography.com take some preggy pictures of me. He did a great job. I wasn't sure I wanted them, because if you have ever been pregnant you feel HUGE...but I knew that I would regret not getting them in years to come. So here are a few of the pictures.

34 weeks

We have had an exciting week this week. Last Sunday night Logan went to work. I knew I had been having contractions here and there, but I really started to feel them more often. I had to get Logan to come home from work and take me to the hospital. Well by time they checked me into labor and delivery I was having contractions two minutes apart...So we started meds and they gave me a shot to try and stop them. Over night after tons of meds and two tebutiline shots we were able to get them to slow to 6 minutes apart. I stayed in the hospital for 2 days and was released. I still am having contractions but they are 10 minutes apart. So we are trying to hold out until December 18th. I was given steroid shots in case she decided to make an early appearance. The worst part was my entire family was on a cruise. So they wouldn't have know if she came...Thank god she didn't. We really want to deliver in the new baby hospital, we HAVE to make it to the 18th for that to happen. After 2 nights in the hospital Logan and I realized how many memories we have from that floor and we do not want to go back. Logan got a cold while in the hospital, so I caught it too....Not fun being pregnant with contractions and a cold....We have an appt on Wednesday we will get to see how big she is getting....

3D Megyn

We had a doctors appt this week on Tuesday....at 31w 4 days...Megyn looks awesome. As the ultrasound tech was doing our ultrasound...Logan was commenting on how cool it would be to see Megyn in 3D. The ultrasound tech ignored him.... Well Dr. Monti must have ESP because when he came into the room he said he wanted to see her so he asked the ultrasound tech to do a 3D...We were so excited. We paid to have it done with the triplets last year, but because of bed rest we were unable to do it this time. Dr. Monti said he wanted to see her in 3D every week...so we shall see....

Ever since we scheduled the delivery all the nurses and staff have been saying that Dr. Monti does not deliver on Fridays and he is on vacation on December 18th... So Logan started asking Dr. Monti about the rumors...Dr. Monti assured us he was coming off vacation to do our c section. Logan figures he will ask every week just to make sure :)

Megyn's Birthday

Megyn's Birthday will be...... December 18th, 2009.... So 52% of you were correct....She will share the same birthday with her late great-grandmother (my dad's mom) Emily and Logan's late uncle Paul. As well as Brad Pitt :)

We are very excited to have the date and we can now count down the days until she arrives. We had a doctors appt this week at 30 w 4 days...Megyn weighs 3 lbs 12 oz and was measuring 5 days ahead... I have an Ammino scheduled for December 17th to make sure her lungs are fully developed. If everything looks good, we will get to meet her on Friday the 18th she will be exactly 37 weeks.

For those of you who live in our area you know there is a new Baby Place hospital...Well Megyn will be one of the first babies delivered there.. We are very excited, because it will be brand new...

I am now seeing the doctor every week...We do not mind, I just love seeing Megyn all the time...So 6 weeks until we get to meet our little one...My mom took us shopping after my appt to get a bunch of necessities...it is amazing how much you need...or want..lol for a little one....Thanks Mom it was such a fun day :)

We Know the Delivery Date!!!

We had a doctors appt this week...It went awesome.. I had to do my glucose test...So far no news on if I passed. I guess I will find out next week... The doctor informed me that they are no longer worried about my cervix. So they will not be checking it anymore... I was very worried when he first told me this...But be explained that my cervix is fine and it will naturally start to shorten..So Logan and I asked him if we could get my c section date nailed down...He let us pick the date..I will tell everyone what the date is at a later time, so make sure you vote on your choice...We will have to do an Ammnio the day before my c section to make sure Megyn's lungs are fully developed. I am so excited to have a date...it makes the count down more fun....We got her stroller in the mail yesterday. We had to order it because Babies R Us does not have pink Chicco strollers in the store...We did not want neutral as you can see from her nursery...lol.... Thanks mom for the funds to get the last of the needed items for her :)

What a Weekend.....

We had a pretty long weekend this week. Saturday 10/17/09 was our first born Raiden's birthday. Logan and I celebrated by visiting him at the cemetery and releasing balloons in his honor. When we got there we noticed flowers and toys left by very special people. It was nice knowing so many people care about our little ones. We love and miss you Raiden Landon.....

On Monday 10/19/09 we had the memorial service for my father. There were so many people there to honor him. He was loved by so many. Many people from his past gave speeches and told stories. I just loved hearing about how much he touched their lives. I know that was my favorite thing to do with my father; tell stories. I could go on forever talking about the fun times with him. I miss him so much. everyday and am truly saddened that Megyn will never get to know what a great man he was. He was taken from us way too early. If I have learned anything from the past year of my life, it is to not take life for granted and to cherish everyday and everyone around you. Dad take care of my trio..I love you and can't wait to see you again one day.

Megyn's Nursery

Here is Megyn's room. It is fit for a princess. Including a pink Chandler. We did not go with a theme, but it ended up being a little vintage, which I just love. It is hard to see but over her crib is a dandelion that is being blown across the room. We just love the room and yes we realize she will most likely hate pink when she grows up...lol

Megyn at 26w6d

We had another appt. yesterday at 26 weeks 6 days Megyn is weighing in at 2 lbs 5 oz. and was measuring a day ahead. She was sleeping during the appt. We were poking her trying to wake her up she moved a little, but went right back to snoozing. She had her feet and hands over her face. It was a little difficult to get a good profile shot. I have to do my Glucose test next visit, he was going to sneak me in on this visit, but I had to confess I ate two doughnuts for breakfast. So no test for me...My cervix was actually longer than it has been this entire pregnancy it was almost a 6. My doctor called me a hero. He rarely sees compliant patients, but he remembers that with the triplets I barely moved in my bed for 2 months. He knows I will do what ever is necessary to bring Megyn home healthy.

A Great Loss

Today, I lost one of the most important people in my life. My father passed away this evening. He meant the world to me and always made me feel like "daddy's little girl" even at the age of 32. I got to enjoy so many awesome memories with him. We went to the Super bowl together when the Bucs kicked Oakland's Butt....Man He loved to talk about that day. My dad was a world traveler, that's where I inherited the travel jean. I am going to miss asking him about a city and he spouting off the best Joint to get food and a nice drink in that town. We knew he had cancer and his time was coming to an end, but it does not make it any easier. My three angels Raiden, Ryker, and Gwyn have their grandpa looking after them now. As a kid we loved asking dad if we could do something, because he couldn't resist saying no to our cute faces...So I just know my three little ones will get to do what ever they want in heaven. Dad I miss you so much and I love you so Big... Keep an eye on my little ones and I will see you all again one day.....

This is a picture from when I was pregnant with the triplets...


Hubby here checking in on the blog site...Cathi is doing so well and I am so proud of how she has done on bedrest...She is going to be the greatest mom in the world...Speaking of Cathi, she has this unique trick that she does when she is goofing around....She can make bubbles on her tongue with her saliva and blow them around as if she was blowing bubbles from one of those hand held ring devices you see kids with...The reason I mention this trick is the picture you see attached...Apparently our little Megyn has inherited her mother's trick because it appears as if she is blowing bubbles in the womb...I also think she will look like Cathi, I can see the cute little button nose and those gorgeous Cathi lips..

Most of my aforementioned banter is all play, but I really do think Megyn will look like Cathi and I am certain that Cathi will be an awesome mother...She is the perfect wife, so I can't imagin her being anything else than a perfect mom to a perfect child...
Picture was taken at 24 weeks 5 days....

She's Growing Big....

We had another doctor's appt yesterday at 22 weeks 5 days. Megyn Looked great. She is weighing in at 1.3 pounds. That is big for us, because I delivered Raiden at 22 weeks and he was 15 oz, I also delivered Gwyn at 25w5d and she was only 1.5 lbs...So needless to say we know what Megyn looks like inside..

Here is a belly picture Logan took of me before we left for our appt. My cervix is still holding strong. We have also started working on the nursery...It should be complete in the next few weeks. We will post pictures then...

Bed Rest Dog......or Hog?????

Well I have been on bed rest for two months now. It hasn't been that bad. My dog Koko never leaves my side..literally...She is such a bed hog....I am not complaining I love it. She is so sweet... I just wanted to share this picture Logan took of us last night...Come on Christmas...I can't wait!!!!!

Cervix of steel!!!

We had another Peri appt yesterday at 20w 5d...Megyn was moving all over and my cervix is still holding strong. This complete bed rest must be working. After my appt Logan snuck me to Babies R S for a 20 min. wheelchair ride....I So needed it!!! We picked up some storage baskets. I had been going a little crazy not seeing outside in a while. Logan is awesome and knows exactly what to do to make me happy. I will be able to go another 2 weeks NO problem. The only real complaint is I have a nasty pregnancy rash. It has gotten a little better, but wont go away until delivery, which is only 16 weeks away..since the dr will only let me go to 37 weeks... I am So excited for my Xmas present. It is going to be the best Christmas EVER!!!!

And the Name IS..............

Our baby girls name is......Megyn Velynda.......

Ever since I have wanted to have a baby I always thought I would name her Caitlyn Elizabeth, Because I am Catherine Elizabeth.....well when we were pregnant with Gwyn, I ran into tons of Katies, Kaitlyns, Kate's....Logan and I decided we needed something different... When we chose Gwyneth Bella...We never imagined we would have to pick another beautiful name.

Well...My father was diagnosed with stage IV cancer in January. My sister and I were sitting with him in the hospital after his first procedure. We started talking about family names. Well out of the blue my father (who if you knew him is not the sensitive type) told my sister and I that his favorite name was Velynda. He explained by saying she was a Magnolia Queen of 1913. My dad is a history buff. I immediately pulled out my notebook and wrote the name down. I just knew that if I had a daughter the name Velynda would be in there somewhere.

The name Megyn came from her daddy... I, like I have every other pregnancy went into panic mode around 10 weeks...I researched every name from the social security website back to the 1900's. Logan and I were on our drive home and I pulled out my list. Like always, he acted excited to discuss it....as I went through my list he said no to many and maybe to a few. Brooke was actually one of my front runners. Well Logan and I are both police officers for Clearwater PD and have had to deal with the Hogans on occasion. He thought the name Brooke reminded him too much of Brooke Hogan.

I asked him if he had thought of any names....He said actually I like the name Megyn with that spelling....He went on to explain he liked it for two reasons. #1 because he likes Megyn Kelly from Fox news and #2 he loved the spelling because it reminds him of our angel Gwyn.....So I wrote Megyn and Velynda together and it was settled right there if we were having a girl it would be Megyn Velynda Long.

I was very happy we learned the sex of her early, My father is nearing the end of his fight with cancer. We were able to tell him the name we picked. I know he was touched that we thought of him. He will most likely not get to meet his grand daughter, but she will always carry a piece of him with her.

Awesome update!!! 8/13

Hello everyone, We had a doctors appt. yesterday at 18w5d. I was getting a little nervous about the appt. because I am getting further along. Logan and I were in the ultrasound room and doctor Monti walked in. We were watching our little girl moving all around. Both of us were very excited to see her, but we still had my cervix length in the back of our minds. Monti looked at the ultrasound tech and said "her cervix is very short, and we need to..." Logan and I both went into panic mode, I was thinking hospitalization. I was still holding up pretty well. Then they explained they just wanted to do a trans vaginal ultrasound. Monti wasn't saying my cervix now was short, he was just explaining we needed to look at my cervix. So they start doing the trans vaginal U/S, Logan says my prediction is 5.3....I laughed and told him my cervix has never been that long, even when I wasn't pregnant. My nurse laughed and said, Logan is right. I couldn't believe it. The longest my cervix has ever been is 4.1. When I had my cerclage put in it was only 1.5. This bed rest thing is really working. I am so excited. Here are a few pictures of our little one. I will reveal her name next Wednesday...There is a great story that goes with why we chose the name we did.

She is looking Great!!! 7/29

Today I am 16w 5d...We had our Level 2 ultrasound, Our little one is doing awesome. All of her parts are growing perfectly, and we are still having a GIRL she currently weighs 6oz. She is an ounce bigger than the average...YEAH!!! I am still on strict bed rest, but my cervix looks awesome and is holding strong. I am going to keep doing what I am doing and we will make it to Christmas!!! Logan wants to write "Don't open til Xmas" on my tummy. He is taking great care of us...Not a lot going on...I get very excited when I get to shower. So that's pretty much my excitement right now.

Logan made me a bed in the Nursery this week so we could start going through all of the baby stuff we have from the triplets. Currently the room is painted chocolate on the bottom with a chair rail and each wall is a different color green, blue, pink, and yellow. The crib is decorated all pink and chocolate. Logan really wanted to paint the room pink, So in the next few weeks it will be pained all pink on the top and chocolate on the bottom...very cute....she is going to be a princess....my luck she will turn out to be a "Tom Boy" well not until she can dress herself..lol

It's Official...It's a GIRL!!!!!

Its a GIRL!!!!! We had a doctors appt yesterday and got to see our little baby...she is so active..she was kickboxing, The u/s tech asked if we wanted to know the sex..We couldn't say yes fast enough...She flipped the wand over to between the babies legs and plain as day...3 lines...Heck I'm not a professional, but I said GIRL as soon as I saw...Logan was so excited he couldn't even stand it. He wanted a girl so bad...it is funny how most people think all men want a boy, not Logan he really wanted daddy's little girl. The doctor came in and checked my cervix, it has gotten longer. We were so happy and shocked we almost started to cry. The bed rest is working...so I will continue to rest as much as I can....What a morale boost yesterday was...

Cerclage Surgery is Done 7/8

Today we woke up at 5 am like every other work day. But today we didn't go to work we headed to the hospital for surgery. Since my cervix is incompetent I needed surgery to sew it shut. I arrived at the hospital at 630 am. I was nervous because we had not been to labor and delivery since we delivered the triplets. The smells and the sounds were very familiar. I was a little nervous at first but had many visitors to my room. It felt more like a reunion and less like a medical procedure. It felt nice being welcomed and cared for by the nurses and doctors. Dr. Monti came in and did an ultrasound. It made me feel a little more at ease seeing our little one. I caught Dr. Monti looking between the babies legs. He always wants to be the first to find out the sex. He said it was still early, I asked him what his professional guess is. He said I still think you are having a GIRL. We will find out in a few weeks if he is correct :) I was able to walk into the surgery room, very very different from last time I was here. I never walked anywhere.

I got the spinal block and was placed on the bed. Dr. Monti worked his magic. Unfortunately it didn't go as well as planned. My cervix has already started to shorten. It was a very good thing I came in today for the procedure. He was able to put the stitch in and we are praying it holds. I will be monitored very close and he will place an permanent abdominal cerclage if needed. We will do what ever it takes to keep this baby in until Christmas. I am now on complete bed rest no privileges, but bathroom. So i is going to be a very Long 6 months. I am just glad I have the world greatest husband.

New Bra...For Me or Him???? 6/29

So this pregnancy is different than my last. I only needed bra extenders last time. Not the case this time, so Logan and I headed to the mall for new bras.... We went to Maternity Motherhood because I figured I would just get nursing bras..plus they are a lot less expensive than V.S. I don't plan on being Dolly Parton for ever...lol The helpful girl at the counter helped measure me...when she said 36E I almost passed out...I think I heard Logan saying...YES!! under his breath. So she handed me 8 bras to try on. I asked Logan for his opinion. He came in the dressing room so I didn't have to flash the other women in the store...I tried on a racer back bra and was a little confused because there were no hooks...Logan says, oh the clips are right there...I giggled a bit and showed him what the "clip" was for...It was like telling your 4 year old they are getting ice cream...His eyes got big and he was like...OMG a BRA for me....I was going to say..No for the baby to nurse...but I didn't have the heart too ruin his mini fantasy....Man I am lucky, he makes me laugh everyday....


Hi there everyone…Cathi and I had another Ultrasound today at 11w 5d with the doctor and our little munchkin is growing so fast…We both find it so amazing how fast the baby is growing and how cute the baby has already become…I swear that when we look at this Ultrasound picture we can already tell that the baby has my nose and Cathi’s chin…

Our doctor told us today that we will take our baby home before Christmas and will be able to enjoy our newly born munchkin for the holidays…It is a surreal feeling to be going through all of this again and I can’t help but think of our three little angels who have passed…I know surely that they are watching over our new baby from heaven and must have certainly had a hand in how blessed we are today…

I have to brag a little looking at this picture and I don’t mean to offend anyone else, but I must say that Cathi makes the cutest babies in the world…There is no denying that our genes are very compatible and that our love makes the baby smile…I can still remember the Ultrasound of Gwyn when she was inside of Cathi and you could so easily make out the smile on her face…

I know this baby is smiling too and I know our new baby knows we are watching because the baby waved at us today in the Ultrasound…Even though I am familiar now with how everything goes along the long road of pregnancy, it still amazes me every time that little one moved around…The baby was flipping and hopping around in Cathi today like he or she was dancing…Cathi’s loving heartbeat must be like wonderful music to our little baby…I know all will be well with this pregnancy and that we will be blessed with another beautiful and perfect little child..

Gotta Get A TuTu.....6/18

This is a picture of my Girlfriends daughter Regan. I got her the adorable TuTu from a triplet mommy friend, Astrid. She has a business making TuTu's and diaper cakes...You have to check out her website....So Affordable and So Adorable....

1/4 of the way Done....6/17

We have made it past 10 weeks, so that means we are 1/4 of the way through..... I am feeling pretty good. I am still a little tired, Well last night I went to bed at 7pm....It felt good to sleep 11 hours. I must have needed it. Logan and my Lab Koko were right there with me...I think they are both having sympathy pains. They both eat and sleep like they are pregnant. It is nice to have so much support...I was finally able to stop my progesterone shots last night...WHOHOOOOO getting a needle in the buttocks every night for 10 weeks gets very old. My poor hips feel like pin cushions. But we are finally done. I go to see my O/B on 6/24...I can't wait to see the little one again. So I went to my chiropractor the other day. She asked what I was having, I told her we would not find out until the end of July....She looked at me and said Oh you are having a GIRL She said she sees pink all around me....So that is another vote for team pink.....I should find out next week when the appt we can find the sex out will be. I know it is usually around 16 weeks and I will be 11 weeks on Friday :)

We have Arm Buds!!!! 6/2

Logan and I had our first appt. with my high risk Dr. today. I am 8weeks 4 days. We got to see Dr. Montenegro he is so awesome. The baby's heartbeat was 170 bpm, so it is pumping very fast. Logan got to see the little munchkin wiggling all around. The baby has sprouted little arm and leg buds. We have my Cerclage scheduled for 7/8/09 at 0830. I am excited. I think it will really put my mind at ease. We will have another ultrasound on 6/24. Dr. Monti seems to think we are cooking a GIRL. He was very cute about it....so we will have to see if his experience with tons of pregnant women is correct....It was really nice seeing all of the staff, they are so sweet. I guess the rumor around the hospital was I was having Twins....If I learned anything from being on bed rest for 2 months was...... the hospital really is like Grey's Anatomy....The rumors are awesome!!! I sent my nurses a text letting them know I was only having ONE baby this time. I can't wait to see everyone at the Cerglage....its more like a reunion and less like a painful surgery...lol Here is a picture of me at 8 weeks 2 days....No I didn't say 8 months....it is 8 weeks ....lol

2nd Ultrasound 5/28

We had our second ultrasound on Thursday 5/28. It was only a week since we got to see our little miracle, but I never get tired of Ultrasounds. The baby has doubled in size and has a strong heartbeat. We have been released to my OB, so our first appointment with my High Risk OB on Tuesday 6/2. We will get to see our Little one again. Being High Risk has its advantages and disadvantaged. It makes the pregnancy a little scary, but we get to see the baby a few times a month...

I am feel very good. I have only had a few nights of morning sickness. I am extremely tired most of the time, but I am loving it. I will add a picture of me soon, I have popped out already. Having triplets 6 months ago must have sent my body into being very pregnant. I can't fit into any regular clothes.


The question was how many babies are in there? The votes have been counted.

Here were the final count....

107 votes

1 = 12%
2= 76%
3= 11 %

And the winner is..........ONE Health baby.... Thanks For playing


We Find out on Thursdays how many we are expecting... So you have until 5/21 at 10am to cast your vote.....be careful what you wish for...lol

34 Weeks left...... 5/16

Well we hit 6 weeks, We have our first ultrasound on the 21st I am soooo excited. Can't wait to see how many took. Today is my birthday....the big 32, its the last year I can switch the numbers around ...well, to my advantage....What and awesome birthday present...A baby and a beautiful flower from my wonderful hubby.

GREAT NEWS!!! 5/11

Today I went back to the fertility doctor to have my beta done again. They didn't call me back until almost 4pm.....It was FREAKING torcher. Even a girlfriend of mine called to say she was on pins and needles. Finally Beth called me she said you are still definitely pregnant my beta was 3859. Still pretty high. We set my 1st ultrasound was scheduled for 5/21/09. We will find out how many little embryos took. We don't care we just want a boring pregnancy that results in a healthy baby or babies.

So this was my 1st official Mother's day. Honestly being on the Cruise helped me not really think to much about it. Logan was sweet and we had a great day in Puerto Rico. Today on our way to my in laws for dinner we stopped by the Babies grave site. I always pop in to make sure they are behaving...lol.....Well my flowers and pinwheels were still there. There was also these beautiful flowers and a card sitting on their head stone. I opened the card. My girlfriend Kelly R. wrote me the most wonderful Mother's Day card, It was one of the most thoughtful things I have ever received. (Thanks Kelly)

A Much needed VACATION!!!!! 5/6 - 5/10

Well on May 6th we flew to Puerto Rico for a much needed Vacation. We planned the Royal Caribbean Cruise at Christmas, way before we decided to do frozen embryo transfer. We planned the transfer so I would already be pregnant for the cruise. Guiltless eating Whohooooo. Well we relaxed on the beach of St. Martin and St. Thomas. We also explored the rain forest of Puerto Rico. It was nice to escape the normal day to day. (Thanks Tom for the perfect Christmas present.) Logan and I got to sit on our veranda and watch the ocean go by. It gave me some quiet time in the middle of the ocean to really talk to my Angels.

It's Official.....We are expecting!!!!! 5/5

The agonizing two week wait is finally over....Today 5/5/09 at 715am Logan and I made the drive to my fertility clinic. We were filled with excitement and anticipation. As soon as I saw Beth the IVF coordinator she had a grin, she asked "So Cathi, have you cheated?" I said well OF coarse I cheated, I couldn't wait two whole weeks.....She laughed and asked what the results were, I assumed by my ear to ear grin she already knew the answer. I said it was positive. Then Logan told her yeah she IS really pregnant. I laughed and asked him if he saw an extra line on the pregnancy test. He explained to Beth that as soon as I piddled on the stick it showed pregnant. So she took my blood work and told me she would call me later this afternoon. She added that she had an extremely busy day and wasn't sure when she would have time to call me. So I went to work, I am working a desk right now, they don't know I'm pregnant just that I had a procedure. I could hardly get through the day. I kept checking my phone to make sure it didn't accidentally shut off (really, I guess I am that girl...lol). The day couldn't have gone longer then at 246 I got the call. Beth called and confirmed what I already knew...We are pregnant.. So I asked her what my Beta was...She said 464 you are VERY pregnant....for those who are not used to infertility, at this stage you are lucky if your beta is over 100. So I go back on Monday for more Labs and a follow up Beta test. Then in two weeks we find out how many...

I just couldn't WAIT!!! 5/2

Ok,Ok so I am like a kid who steams their Christmas presents open....I couldn't wait until Tuesday to find out if it took. I did a home pregnancy test and yes it is POSITIVE!!! Logan and I are so excited. We have spent the night talking about the possibilities. We will find out in a few weeks how many embryos took...right now I am just excited to continue our journey to parenthood......

The Waiting Game!!! 4/30

It has been a week since implantation... I have to wait until Tuesday to find out if it took. I already feel like it is really working. I just know it in my heart. I just pray I get positive news. We leave for our Cruise to the Caribbean on Wednesday so I really need some good news. I can hardly sleep at night thinking about the possibilities of bringing a new healthy baby into this world. We have everything in place and now we just wait. I feel like a kid whose parents told them they were going to Disney World in the morning, except the morning is a week long....It is torcher...I really thought I was going to be fine....calm and cool....Unfortunately that is not the case i am so excited and filled with anticipation...Wish me luck......

New Beginnings 4/23

Yesterday 4/23 we did what a year ago I never thought we would have to do. We put two of our frozen embryos back inside me. It seemed like yesterday I was going through invtro-fertalization. This time last year I was right in the middle of taking drugs and extracting eggs. We put three fresh embryos back and like magic we were expecting TRIPLETS. I struggled for years to keep a pregnancy past 6 weeks. Then I found myself getting past the "magical" 12 week mark. I wish now I wasn't so naive. I never considered the fact I could loose all of my babies. I was having a perfect pregnancy. I thought I was doing everything right. I was getting the registry taken care of and painting the nursery. I was expecting two boys and a girl. It couldn't get more perfect than that. I even sprung for a 4D ultrasound. So our families could experience the wonderful little babies. Then at 21weeks 4days. I was dilated and in labor. I never felt anything but tightness in my tummy. My doctors gave me an emergency cerclage and but me on horrific medication including magnesium sulfate. I was able to stop labor for a few days. But unfortunately at exactly 22 weeks, my First son Raiden Landon came into this world. Everyone thought he was so tiny and I guess at 15 oz he would seem that way. I got to watch him fight to breathe. I realized how awesome motherhood could possibly be. I was able to defy odds and hold on to the other two for almost 4 more weeks. At 25 weeks 5 days I delivered Ryker London and Gwyneth Bella... They were very sick, but god gave me a wonderful 10 days with Ryker and 18 days with Gwyn....

After almost 45days on complete bedrest, I had to relearn how to walk again. I fought hard and did physical therapy. I was back to full duty only 6 weeks after delivering my precious angels. My doctors asked me to wait 6 months before I attempted to have more children. Well at first this felt like an eternity. In reality it was exactly what I needed. I was able to really get happy and excited about the possibility of another baby. Yesterday, all of my hopes and dreams came closer to coming true. I was implanted with two embryos that were frozen last year. I feel so excited about the possibility of becoming a mommy again. I will always be a mom of three. But now I am looking forward to #4 or possibly #5. This is my story on the new journey of my quest to motherhood. Here is the first picture of our new baby...Well right now they look like a little ray of light...Pretty cool we got to see the actual conception... :)

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