Almost 2 months old

Wow where does the time go???? Our little munchkin is almost 2 months old. She is doing so well. Megyn has started to focus on us and smile (just melts my heart) She grabs on to things... yesterday I was holding her and I bent over she quickly grabbed my shirt, as if I was going to drop her. We are enjoying every single minute with her. So many people told Logan and I...Just wait... Just wait.... until you are changing poopy diapers.... Just wait..... until you are up all night.... Well we have to do these things like all parents, but WE LOVE IT!!! I guess not everyone has been through what we have been through...4 years of trying.... multiple fertility treatments.... the loss of three of our children... well, all I can say is through all of the hard times, I kept looking for the "reason" although I will never understand why god took my three angels...I can tell you Logan and I appreciate our daughter more than most people because we know what it is like to, long for a child... Then to have three, just to have them taken from you. So to all of you out there who say....Just wait.... Well we are waiting.... and we are LOVING every minute...

The Pictures are IN!!!!!

Hot off the Press!!!!

Megyn's professional pictures are complete. Here is the link....Make sure you have your sound on!!!

Megyn had her one month check - up this week, she is growing so fast. She was 7lbs 4 oz and 19 1/2 inches. She is perfectly healthy and very happy. Logan and I feel so blessed to have our perfect little girl. We just know we have three little and one big guardian angels up above.

She is starting to LOVE tummy time. We are excited for her to start interacting with us more. She is able to focus on our faces. Logan is back to work and I have a few more weeks of maternity leave left....We are still hopeful we will win millions with publishers clearing house so we can both stay home and watch her grow... LOL :)

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