Megyn rolled over for her daddy last week, well today she decided to show him up by rolling over 5 times for mommy!!!

Megyn's First Easter Bunny!!!

Megyn got to visit the Easter Bunny tonight. She Loved him.....

Megyn's Flying Airmethods Helicopter

Megyn's Uncle Paul is a pilot for rescue helicopter's for hospitals. Logan took her for a day of show and tell. He got some of the cutest pictures. She took a nap while Paul left for a flight. Logan said she slept during two helicopter landings.

What a Happy Baby

Logan and I can't get over how awesome it is to be parents. So many people told us about all the bad things that go along with being a parent...Well we can't find anything negative...we love everyday with our little peanut. This is a video her daddy took of her. She got her first cold this week, although you wouldn't know it...she is always smiling and laughing.

Megyn is 3 months

WOW where does the time go? Megyn is almost 3 months old. I took her today to get some photos, You have to do the milestones. They are no where near the quality of her newborn photos, but they capture the essence of our cute munchkin.....

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