Christmas 2011

Christmas was amazing this year, Megyn finally understood some of it. She loved talking about Santa, she was very excited to open all her gifts. She was so grateful for everything. She kept saying "Oh I love it"

Megyn's 2nd Birthday

December 8th my little Munchkin turned 2 years old. I really can't believe two years have flown by. She is the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life. We decided to celebrate her birthday party at the Zoo. Megyn Loves animals right now and she Loved it. We had a private room where the Zoo keepers brought in animals for Megyn and her friends to touch and learn about. I made her birthday cake and decorated her room. After the private party we all got to go to the Zoo for the rest of the day. The highlight of the day was when Megyn got to feed a Giraffe. She loved the Giraffe licking her hand. What great memories.

Pumpkin Patch November 2011

Megyn Loved picking out her own pumpkin at the Pumpkin Patch, she even brought home two small pumpkins and played with them the entire month. We had fun watching her sit on each and every pumpkin.

Halloween 2011 Tinkerbell

Megyn was Tinkerbell for Halloween. She Loved wearing her Wings...

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