Cervix of steel!!!

We had another Peri appt yesterday at 20w 5d...Megyn was moving all over and my cervix is still holding strong. This complete bed rest must be working. After my appt Logan snuck me to Babies R S for a 20 min. wheelchair ride....I So needed it!!! We picked up some storage baskets. I had been going a little crazy not seeing outside in a while. Logan is awesome and knows exactly what to do to make me happy. I will be able to go another 2 weeks NO problem. The only real complaint is I have a nasty pregnancy rash. It has gotten a little better, but wont go away until delivery, which is only 16 weeks away..since the dr will only let me go to 37 weeks... I am So excited for my Xmas present. It is going to be the best Christmas EVER!!!!

And the Name IS..............

Our baby girls name is......Megyn Velynda.......

Ever since I have wanted to have a baby I always thought I would name her Caitlyn Elizabeth, Because I am Catherine Elizabeth.....well when we were pregnant with Gwyn, I ran into tons of Katies, Kaitlyns, Kate's....Logan and I decided we needed something different... When we chose Gwyneth Bella...We never imagined we would have to pick another beautiful name.

Well...My father was diagnosed with stage IV cancer in January. My sister and I were sitting with him in the hospital after his first procedure. We started talking about family names. Well out of the blue my father (who if you knew him is not the sensitive type) told my sister and I that his favorite name was Velynda. He explained by saying she was a Magnolia Queen of 1913. My dad is a history buff. I immediately pulled out my notebook and wrote the name down. I just knew that if I had a daughter the name Velynda would be in there somewhere.

The name Megyn came from her daddy... I, like I have every other pregnancy went into panic mode around 10 weeks...I researched every name from the social security website back to the 1900's. Logan and I were on our drive home and I pulled out my list. Like always, he acted excited to discuss it....as I went through my list he said no to many and maybe to a few. Brooke was actually one of my front runners. Well Logan and I are both police officers for Clearwater PD and have had to deal with the Hogans on occasion. He thought the name Brooke reminded him too much of Brooke Hogan.

I asked him if he had thought of any names....He said actually I like the name Megyn with that spelling....He went on to explain he liked it for two reasons. #1 because he likes Megyn Kelly from Fox news and #2 he loved the spelling because it reminds him of our angel Gwyn.....So I wrote Megyn and Velynda together and it was settled right there if we were having a girl it would be Megyn Velynda Long.

I was very happy we learned the sex of her early, My father is nearing the end of his fight with cancer. We were able to tell him the name we picked. I know he was touched that we thought of him. He will most likely not get to meet his grand daughter, but she will always carry a piece of him with her.

Awesome update!!! 8/13

Hello everyone, We had a doctors appt. yesterday at 18w5d. I was getting a little nervous about the appt. because I am getting further along. Logan and I were in the ultrasound room and doctor Monti walked in. We were watching our little girl moving all around. Both of us were very excited to see her, but we still had my cervix length in the back of our minds. Monti looked at the ultrasound tech and said "her cervix is very short, and we need to..." Logan and I both went into panic mode, I was thinking hospitalization. I was still holding up pretty well. Then they explained they just wanted to do a trans vaginal ultrasound. Monti wasn't saying my cervix now was short, he was just explaining we needed to look at my cervix. So they start doing the trans vaginal U/S, Logan says my prediction is 5.3....I laughed and told him my cervix has never been that long, even when I wasn't pregnant. My nurse laughed and said, Logan is right. I couldn't believe it. The longest my cervix has ever been is 4.1. When I had my cerclage put in it was only 1.5. This bed rest thing is really working. I am so excited. Here are a few pictures of our little one. I will reveal her name next Wednesday...There is a great story that goes with why we chose the name we did.

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