Father's Day

As Father's Day approaches I am torn in a few directions. I am very excited for Logan to get to really celebrate being a Dad, Last year it was very hard, we just didn't feel like celebrating. This year I am very excited for Logan and have a few things in store for him...

This brings me to my ultimate struggle...I am mourning the loss of my father more now than I have in 6 months. We went to a celebration of my parents' friends' 50th wedding anniversary. I found my self tearing up more than once...It is hard not having him around..Not having him to laugh with me... I am what most would call..."Daddy's Little Girl"...I loved my dad more than anyone could ever love someone...In my eye's my dad could never do wrong...In my eyes he was my true hero...I have lived most of my adult life trying to please him...Staying in the Navy for 10 years, graduating College, Traveling the world. All of these things happened because I just wanted my father...my hero... to be proud of me.....Someone recently told me that I would "get over" loosing him....Really?!?! That will never happen...In life we have many loves and many losses....but you only get one Dad...There is a spot in my heart that will forever be lost..that will always be broken...a little over 6 months ago, a little girl..... lost her first true love.... her Father....This is something I will never forget or ever get over.

PS... Dad if you are listening... Thanks for the memories...Even though we were separated by 3000 miles when I joined the Navy. The trips you made to San Diego were some of the best memories of my 10 years there....Going to the Superbowl~ Watching the Bucs Kill Oakland..the after party..Then In and Out at 3 in the morning (Best burgers in the world)....Longbeach...Mr. Storks for my 21st birthday and teaching me the fine wine selection oh and creme brule...Driving me through Beverly Hills and Rodeo drive...Laughing cause the waiter thought I was your escort....My college graduation and my 26th Birthday..you and I closing a few bars then contemplating sleeping on the pool furniture because we forgot the key to the room, and we knew mom would be mad...Dancing the Father daughter dance at my wedding to the song YOU picked for us. "Angel" by Sarah M. It brought tears to my eyes then and now.... There are so many more~ I only wish my little angel Megyn could know her Grandfather the way I did...I so wanted to start her at Carries Dance Gallery so I could torcher you with dance recitals and the "Greatest Love of All" song finale....LOL only kidding, you sat (or Slept) through enough of mine....Please take good care of My Trio I know they are in good hands...I love you Dad...Happy Father's Day...I hope I made you proud....

6 months old

Megyn is 6 months old...WOW have we been busy... She is growing so quickly, She now sits up on her own and loves to play with her toys. I get such a kick out of seeing her select her favorites. She gets up on all 4's and rocks back and forth...its only a matter of time before she starts crawling. It amazes us everyday how much babies change the first year. We got her ears pierced on her 6 month doctors appt. They put numbing cream on so she barely felt anything. She cried a lot harder for her shots than her ears. She looks so grown up with diamonds in her ears. She also graduated Gymboree...She is now in level 2.....she really started to get bored with the baby class...She says dadadadadadadadadadad all the time when she is happy...she says mama too but its only when she is crying and upset, talk about breaking my heart :)

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