2nd Ultrasound 5/28

We had our second ultrasound on Thursday 5/28. It was only a week since we got to see our little miracle, but I never get tired of Ultrasounds. The baby has doubled in size and has a strong heartbeat. We have been released to my OB, so our first appointment with my High Risk OB on Tuesday 6/2. We will get to see our Little one again. Being High Risk has its advantages and disadvantaged. It makes the pregnancy a little scary, but we get to see the baby a few times a month...

I am feel very good. I have only had a few nights of morning sickness. I am extremely tired most of the time, but I am loving it. I will add a picture of me soon, I have popped out already. Having triplets 6 months ago must have sent my body into being very pregnant. I can't fit into any regular clothes.


The question was how many babies are in there? The votes have been counted.

Here were the final count....

107 votes

1 = 12%
2= 76%
3= 11 %

And the winner is..........ONE Health baby.... Thanks For playing


We Find out on Thursdays how many we are expecting... So you have until 5/21 at 10am to cast your vote.....be careful what you wish for...lol

34 Weeks left...... 5/16

Well we hit 6 weeks, We have our first ultrasound on the 21st I am soooo excited. Can't wait to see how many took. Today is my birthday....the big 32, its the last year I can switch the numbers around ...well, to my advantage....What and awesome birthday present...A baby and a beautiful flower from my wonderful hubby.

GREAT NEWS!!! 5/11

Today I went back to the fertility doctor to have my beta done again. They didn't call me back until almost 4pm.....It was FREAKING torcher. Even a girlfriend of mine called to say she was on pins and needles. Finally Beth called me she said you are still definitely pregnant my beta was 3859. Still pretty high. We set my 1st ultrasound was scheduled for 5/21/09. We will find out how many little embryos took. We don't care we just want a boring pregnancy that results in a healthy baby or babies.

So this was my 1st official Mother's day. Honestly being on the Cruise helped me not really think to much about it. Logan was sweet and we had a great day in Puerto Rico. Today on our way to my in laws for dinner we stopped by the Babies grave site. I always pop in to make sure they are behaving...lol.....Well my flowers and pinwheels were still there. There was also these beautiful flowers and a card sitting on their head stone. I opened the card. My girlfriend Kelly R. wrote me the most wonderful Mother's Day card, It was one of the most thoughtful things I have ever received. (Thanks Kelly)

A Much needed VACATION!!!!! 5/6 - 5/10

Well on May 6th we flew to Puerto Rico for a much needed Vacation. We planned the Royal Caribbean Cruise at Christmas, way before we decided to do frozen embryo transfer. We planned the transfer so I would already be pregnant for the cruise. Guiltless eating Whohooooo. Well we relaxed on the beach of St. Martin and St. Thomas. We also explored the rain forest of Puerto Rico. It was nice to escape the normal day to day. (Thanks Tom for the perfect Christmas present.) Logan and I got to sit on our veranda and watch the ocean go by. It gave me some quiet time in the middle of the ocean to really talk to my Angels.

It's Official.....We are expecting!!!!! 5/5

The agonizing two week wait is finally over....Today 5/5/09 at 715am Logan and I made the drive to my fertility clinic. We were filled with excitement and anticipation. As soon as I saw Beth the IVF coordinator she had a grin, she asked "So Cathi, have you cheated?" I said well OF coarse I cheated, I couldn't wait two whole weeks.....She laughed and asked what the results were, I assumed by my ear to ear grin she already knew the answer. I said it was positive. Then Logan told her yeah she IS really pregnant. I laughed and asked him if he saw an extra line on the pregnancy test. He explained to Beth that as soon as I piddled on the stick it showed pregnant. So she took my blood work and told me she would call me later this afternoon. She added that she had an extremely busy day and wasn't sure when she would have time to call me. So I went to work, I am working a desk right now, they don't know I'm pregnant just that I had a procedure. I could hardly get through the day. I kept checking my phone to make sure it didn't accidentally shut off (really, I guess I am that girl...lol). The day couldn't have gone longer then at 246 I got the call. Beth called and confirmed what I already knew...We are pregnant.. So I asked her what my Beta was...She said 464 you are VERY pregnant....for those who are not used to infertility, at this stage you are lucky if your beta is over 100. So I go back on Monday for more Labs and a follow up Beta test. Then in two weeks we find out how many...

I just couldn't WAIT!!! 5/2

Ok,Ok so I am like a kid who steams their Christmas presents open....I couldn't wait until Tuesday to find out if it took. I did a home pregnancy test and yes it is POSITIVE!!! Logan and I are so excited. We have spent the night talking about the possibilities. We will find out in a few weeks how many embryos took...right now I am just excited to continue our journey to parenthood......

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