34 weeks

We have had an exciting week this week. Last Sunday night Logan went to work. I knew I had been having contractions here and there, but I really started to feel them more often. I had to get Logan to come home from work and take me to the hospital. Well by time they checked me into labor and delivery I was having contractions two minutes apart...So we started meds and they gave me a shot to try and stop them. Over night after tons of meds and two tebutiline shots we were able to get them to slow to 6 minutes apart. I stayed in the hospital for 2 days and was released. I still am having contractions but they are 10 minutes apart. So we are trying to hold out until December 18th. I was given steroid shots in case she decided to make an early appearance. The worst part was my entire family was on a cruise. So they wouldn't have know if she came...Thank god she didn't. We really want to deliver in the new baby hospital, we HAVE to make it to the 18th for that to happen. After 2 nights in the hospital Logan and I realized how many memories we have from that floor and we do not want to go back. Logan got a cold while in the hospital, so I caught it too....Not fun being pregnant with contractions and a cold....We have an appt on Wednesday we will get to see how big she is getting....

3D Megyn

We had a doctors appt this week on Tuesday....at 31w 4 days...Megyn looks awesome. As the ultrasound tech was doing our ultrasound...Logan was commenting on how cool it would be to see Megyn in 3D. The ultrasound tech ignored him.... Well Dr. Monti must have ESP because when he came into the room he said he wanted to see her so he asked the ultrasound tech to do a 3D...We were so excited. We paid to have it done with the triplets last year, but because of bed rest we were unable to do it this time. Dr. Monti said he wanted to see her in 3D every week...so we shall see....

Ever since we scheduled the delivery all the nurses and staff have been saying that Dr. Monti does not deliver on Fridays and he is on vacation on December 18th... So Logan started asking Dr. Monti about the rumors...Dr. Monti assured us he was coming off vacation to do our c section. Logan figures he will ask every week just to make sure :)

Megyn's Birthday

Megyn's Birthday will be...... December 18th, 2009.... So 52% of you were correct....She will share the same birthday with her late great-grandmother (my dad's mom) Emily and Logan's late uncle Paul. As well as Brad Pitt :)

We are very excited to have the date and we can now count down the days until she arrives. We had a doctors appt this week at 30 w 4 days...Megyn weighs 3 lbs 12 oz and was measuring 5 days ahead... I have an Ammino scheduled for December 17th to make sure her lungs are fully developed. If everything looks good, we will get to meet her on Friday the 18th she will be exactly 37 weeks.

For those of you who live in our area you know there is a new Baby Place hospital...Well Megyn will be one of the first babies delivered there.. We are very excited, because it will be brand new...

I am now seeing the doctor every week...We do not mind, I just love seeing Megyn all the time...So 6 weeks until we get to meet our little one...My mom took us shopping after my appt to get a bunch of necessities...it is amazing how much you need...or want..lol for a little one....Thanks Mom it was such a fun day :)

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