Disney was a Success!!!

We had so much fun at Walt Disney World. It was one of the best moments as a parent to see the true joy on your childs face. I know Megyn is under two, but there was SO much for her to see and get excited over. We spent the first day at the Magic Kingdom. Megyn absolutely LOVED it. She was Ohhhing and Ahhhhin everything. She wanted to walk almost the entire park. I got her a doggie backpack so I could let her explore, but still stay close to me.

 She loved the freedom, she even walked us right to the day parade.

It started to rain in the afternoon, that didn't stop our little munchkin from having the Time of her Life, She got her Nana to walk her out in the rain...She had the Best time playing in the puddles and the rain.

We got back to the hotel and I laid her down for what I thought would be a quick nap...Well she woke up 14 hours later..LOL She was Worn out!!!

The Next day we went to Hollywood Studios. We had lunch at Hollywood and Vine, it was a character lunch with Megyn's Favorite Special Agent Oso. Handy Manny and June and Leo from little Einsteins were also there, but Megyn was all about Oso.

June....Not so Much....LOL

We also saw a Disney Jr play...We has to hold Megyn back when she saw Mickey....She loves OOOHHHTOODLES

Here is a picture of my Mom, Sister, Nephew Brother, Logan and Megyn

We still have 2 days left on our 4 day pass, we are going to return when it gets cooler and the tourists leave.

A great Blog to follow!!!!


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