6 months old

Megyn is 6 months old...WOW have we been busy... She is growing so quickly, She now sits up on her own and loves to play with her toys. I get such a kick out of seeing her select her favorites. She gets up on all 4's and rocks back and forth...its only a matter of time before she starts crawling. It amazes us everyday how much babies change the first year. We got her ears pierced on her 6 month doctors appt. They put numbing cream on so she barely felt anything. She cried a lot harder for her shots than her ears. She looks so grown up with diamonds in her ears. She also graduated Gymboree...She is now in level 2.....she really started to get bored with the baby class...She says dadadadadadadadadadad all the time when she is happy...she says mama too but its only when she is crying and upset, talk about breaking my heart :)


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