Unexpected Melt down

Today, I sit here watching my 13 month old Megyn dancing in the living room to ~Head~Shoulders~Knees~ and Toes. I can't help but smile even though now this song will be stuck in my head all day :)

Yesterday, I had the privilege of giving out two awards at work for two very special people... Tassie and Brenda organized a bake sale when we lost our Triplets, they helped raise the money needed for their funeral and headstone. I am on the City Awards Committee and get tired of watching people get awards for, "coming to work on time, and "being dependable" these are things YOU should do to keep your jobs not get an award for. So, I put them in for an award. They have not only helped my family in our time of need, but they have helped other families.. ones who are struggling with cancer and loved ones of officer involved shootings.

The Melt down, So there I am standing up in front of 75 people... all of the "higher ups" Chief, Deputy Chief, Majors, Lt, Sgt's, peers. I'm standing up there starting to give my speech on how they touched my life when all of the sudden with out warning they start falling...The TEARS...I really thought I was strong enough to talk about it with out crying. Nope not yet. I am a COP I am supposed to have a heart of steel. I am not supposed to show signs of weakness, oh well...at least the speech was heartfelt and deserved. I watched as strong men wiped their eyes, I'm sure they just pulled a nose hair at the exact moment. A few big Officers even said they felt as sad as when they watched the Notebook..LOL So the Moral of my story is "I am not as strong as I think I am", and because of that..others were also able to let their guards down and sympathize with me.

My wonderful Husband Logan also received an award for his duties on the Honor Guard team. This is a picture of us after the awards we presented.


Surviving Triplets said...
January 14, 2011 at 10:09 AM

Gorgeous family! I'm so glad you awarded those women for helping you in your time of need. I'm sure they felt like it was nothing but you to & Logan...it meant the world! God bless you all!


mrstraciewhite said...
January 14, 2011 at 10:21 AM

Cathi, yes you are a cop, but first you are a woman, and human! Cop is a job, woman is your make-up, your God-given design.

Expect those "melt-downs", there is nothing wrong or weak about them.

Beautiful picture of your family!!!



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