Cervix of steel!!!

We had another Peri appt yesterday at 20w 5d...Megyn was moving all over and my cervix is still holding strong. This complete bed rest must be working. After my appt Logan snuck me to Babies R S for a 20 min. wheelchair ride....I So needed it!!! We picked up some storage baskets. I had been going a little crazy not seeing outside in a while. Logan is awesome and knows exactly what to do to make me happy. I will be able to go another 2 weeks NO problem. The only real complaint is I have a nasty pregnancy rash. It has gotten a little better, but wont go away until delivery, which is only 16 weeks away..since the dr will only let me go to 37 weeks... I am So excited for my Xmas present. It is going to be the best Christmas EVER!!!!

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