3D Megyn

We had a doctors appt this week on Tuesday....at 31w 4 days...Megyn looks awesome. As the ultrasound tech was doing our ultrasound...Logan was commenting on how cool it would be to see Megyn in 3D. The ultrasound tech ignored him.... Well Dr. Monti must have ESP because when he came into the room he said he wanted to see her so he asked the ultrasound tech to do a 3D...We were so excited. We paid to have it done with the triplets last year, but because of bed rest we were unable to do it this time. Dr. Monti said he wanted to see her in 3D every week...so we shall see....

Ever since we scheduled the delivery all the nurses and staff have been saying that Dr. Monti does not deliver on Fridays and he is on vacation on December 18th... So Logan started asking Dr. Monti about the rumors...Dr. Monti assured us he was coming off vacation to do our c section. Logan figures he will ask every week just to make sure :)


Surviving Triplets said...
November 12, 2009 at 10:14 PM

I can't wait to see Miss Megyn in a bow!

Lisa said...
November 13, 2009 at 11:05 AM

That is awesome!! I love when they do the 3D - make sure you post pics each time so we can see this beautiful little baby. I hope they dont change the delivery date so her and Jordyn will have the same birthday :-) Keep up the good work Cathi!!

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