A little note to Megyn

Well baby Megyn you are just over a week old and your daddy and I can't believe how perfect you are. You are breast feeding like you have been doing it forever..You are hardly ever fussy only when you get hungry or you need a diaper change...You just love when your daddy swaddles you..It amazing how you calm down as soon as you get a "daddy swaddle." You are learning where you fingers and and have been trying to suck your thumb (just like your mommy did as a little one). You have the most beautiful lips, everyone thinks you look like your mommy...I was hoping you would get your daddy's feet, however it looks like you will be blessed with my flinstone feet (sorry munchkin). You remind your mommy and daddy a lot of your big sister Gwyn, because she always wanted her hands by her head. You always have your hands by your ears, except when you get a daddy swaddle...and even then sometimes you manage to get your arms free...So this week you have pooped on your mommy. I was changing your diaper and there it went projectile poop all over my tummy...I laughed so hard...it was so adorable, of coarse you weren't done and you decided to piddle on me too...You just love sleeping on my belly..I just love it...well until I am trying to feed you, don't worry I usually put a wet washcloth on your head and you eat away....Your daddy can't stop taking pictures of you, because we just think you are perfect....I just hope that when you get older you will realize how much your daddy and I love you....
The top picture was your daddy and I having fun with you by the Chrismas tree. The bottom one is right after you pooped on your mommy...You look so proud...lol...I love you Munchkin


Surviving Triplets said...
December 17, 2009 at 10:12 PM

So sweet & so deserving. What a perfect Christmas!

Molly said...
December 18, 2009 at 12:02 AM

aaaawh I love your note ! It shows how much you love her :) I love that first picture ! Totally adorable. And for "you're breastfeeding like you were bf forever", well, she has been lol .. that sentence made me giggle (and good for you, we were having a very rocky start)

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