Megyn amazes us more everyday. She finally has rolled over from her back to her belly. This is a move she has tried for over 2 weeks, she would almost get all the way over, but her arm would always get in the way. Well of coarse I was home the first two times she did this, but I missed it. I would look over seeing her on her tummy...I would stare at her for a few hours and nothing, as soon as I walked a way BAM she would do it again. I started my work week and of coarse I kept getting calls from her daddy bragging about how great "HIS" daughter is and how she just rolls and rolls...I just want to see it!! every night when I go home, she would be too tired from rolling all day to show me...Well finally today I got to witness for myself what all of the Hype was about...Well I can say I cheered like she just won the superbowl..OMG it's amazing how happy and excited you get seeing your children accomplish something....I just hope she walks when I am home with her, so I can rub it in her daddy's face...LOL Just Kidding, honestly I am just happy one of us is always with her....


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