5 months old

Well Megyn is over 5 months old now. She is rolling all around and sitting up for short periods of time on her own. I always heard people talk about how quick their kiddos grow up...WOW are they right...Time is flying by. We have had a very busy month....Logan took me on our 1st date night since Megyn was born. He went all out and rented a limo, It was so awesome to have some alone time with Logan. We were still home by 9...lol....Then Logan surprised me on mother's day weekend with a room at the Grand Hyatt and an in room Massage...Oh my it was nice. Megyn did so good away from home. Then this past weekend was my Birthday and we spent it on ST. Pete Beach. Megyn played in sand for the first time and went in the ocean. Its very cool to see a small child touch sand for the 1st time, we take for granted that we know what it feels and looks like. Logan has been in SWAT school all week....he has been so bummed because he has missed two weeks of Gymboree. He gets the dad of the year award. I am adding a few pictures of Megyn. We had our police memorial this month, Megyn got to try on daddy's Honor guard hat. I weighed Megyn the other day, she is up to 14 lbs 4 oz....she is getting so big....


Jessica said...
May 17, 2010 at 9:20 PM

She is BEAUTIFUL! I'm glad you are enjoying every minute of her babyhood. Don't you just want time to stand still so she doesn't grow up too fast? I think of you often and hope you are doing well.

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