Cont......of Our LONG Journey

So there we are sitting at the fertility clinic. I am looking around at all the other women there wondering what they were in for. Everyone else had the same scared look on their face as I did. It is so different being in the fertility clinics lobby VS. a normal GYN. So there Logan and I are in the same office we sat a year ago waiting to see what the doctor would suggest. As soon as he spoke I started to cry, I just felt like I was losing hope. I told him I didn't want to go through clomid again and I needed another option. He understood and explained IUI. He said that was where they made me ovulate with drugs and inserted Logan's sperm manually. He stated the procedure costs around $1500.00. Cost was a factor for us, we just built our dream home and our insurance does not cover any infertility. So I know in my mind I was thinking OK that's our next step. He stated that most people have to go through a cycle or two before they would succeed with IUI...WHAT more waiting????? I am done waiting I thought. So his next suggestion was IVF Invetro Fertilization. I have done my research and realized that would be way out of our price range. He explained it could cost anywhere from 15,000 to 20,000 dollars. I felt crushed.

Well in the same sentence he lets us know that his clinic was in the middle of a case study. He went on to explain that a round of IVF would only cost us $3000 and they would do a payment plan without interest. Omg one second I am feeling helpless and the next I am feeling re energized. We didn't even discuss it, we both said that's what we want. I felt like this was a gift from god. Who would have guessed our true Journey hadn't even begun yet.....

So we met with the coordinator. She asks us every question imaginable and tells us we would be accepted into the study. She gives us a pack of papers and disclaimers and tells us to read them over and sign them all. She sets us up with an orientation date. We sift through the mound of paperwork and head to the orientation about a week after the appointment.

We show up to the orientation and the room is filled with couples. We all that the same exhausted look on our faces. I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know anyone who has been through IVF. So we are there with our pens in hands. This awesome nurse Gayle is standing at the front of the room. She explains that she is going to go over all of the protocols and explain how to administer the shots. SHOTS??? Oh yeah that's part of it....So while Gayle is standing up there she goes on to say that everyone who goes through IVF wants multiples. She was being kind of negative and says they are not in the market of making each couple a bunch of babies but one healthy baby. Logan and I were thinking, yeah right Twins would be awesome. We could knock them out at the same time and honestly our first pregnancy was twins so we deserved them again. We just thought she was being a BITCH.....

So I started the cycle. Well the first thing they have you do is go on the pill for three weeks....WHAT??!!?? I am trying to get pregnant here...remember?????? Well I guess they want to make sure while doing all the drugs you do not get pregnant on your own. So after years of not taking any birth control, I found myself popping a pill every morning. Then the shots started. They start you off slow. Lupron, it goes into your leg and is a very short small needle. You hardly feel it....Then we graduated to stem drugs. These lovely shots went into your belly and the needle is a few inches long.

I ran out of needles for the lupron and had to go to the local drug store to get replacements, well you can get needles without a prescription....but the pharmacist will look at you like you do Heroin.....Really I'm a Cop for crying out loud.... LOL

So approximately 45 days after starting the pills I have my surgery date. This is the day they are going to take out my eggs and fertilize them with Logan's sperm. We were ready. We had to be there early. Logan was nervous because he had to "preform" at his best today...I mean everyone would be watching... HAHA So we get to the clinic and I get prepped for the procedure. Logan goes into this small room. it had a leather chair in the corner and a tv on the wall. He closes the door and I wish him luck. I change and lay down on the table. Before I have a chance to get comfortable the door to the room Logan is in swings open. I was like is everything OK???? He had a huge smile on his face and says "everything is great" he hands a cup to the nurse and I start dying laughing....He must have studied all night for that

I am put under and when I wake up, I am informed that they were able to get 26 eggs. The doctor was ecstatic He said for my age and all the issues I have had it was great. So we were sent home and told we would be coming back in a few days for implantation.

The whole process is awesome and scary at the same time. We were contacted and told 24 of my eggs were fertilized naturally...To us this meant we were very compatible, Logan passed his

So It's transfer day, we show up at the office and are sitting in the waiting room. For this part of the procedure I do not have to be put under. I was given a Viocodin and told to take it before the procedure. I think it is to calm my nerves more than help with the pain. We get taken back and sit in a room with a round table, I am getting more anxious, because I know that the shot I got had to be taken at a certain time and we were getting very close to missing the window, Well the doctors know what they are doing and they are not going to let my cycle fail. Before long they came in and brought me to the procedure room. Logan was just happy he did not have to "preform" today.

There I am again lying in stirrups...Dr. Sanchez walks in and asks if we are ready to do this. We are ...yes... we are.... He asks the magic question...So how many are we putting in???? 2 or 3....Well with my age and our extensive history 3 seemed like the best odds. Dr. Sanchez said We only had a 1% chance of actually conceiving triplets...Without discussion, we both say Three.... Put Three back.....This single answer would haunt us for the rest of our lives....What if we just said 2....Well we didn't we said 3.

Dr. Sanchez opened the little metal door and pulled out a LONG straw, He took a moment and bowed his head saying a small prayer for our children. He brought the straw over to me and inserted my embryos in my uterus. I laid upside down on the table for a few minutes and was told to go home and wait. I would be returning in two weeks to find out if I was pregnant.

Well if you have ever struggled with infertility you know the TWW (Two Week Wait) Is Torture. It really is.. every twinge in your belly every minute of wonder am I? Once it feels like it will never come you get the call from the doctors office saying you can come in tomorrow for you Beta test... OK Great. Logan was right there with me, we go to the doctors office and they draw blood....Well if you thought the TWW was bad??? the agonizing hours it takes for the nurse to call you back is worse. So after what felt like an eternity we got the pone call we had been LONGing for. We were pregnant...Well this was the first of several blood tests, we went back a few days later and the nurse advised us that we were VERY pregnant, my Beta numbers were though the roof. So we patiently waited 3 more weeks to get our first ultra sound to find out how many babies were in there. We figured two at the most, but we were excited of the possibilities of Triplets.

Ultrasound day was finally here, As I got out of the car I ran into another woman who had her transfer on the same day, She was holding her ultrasound picture and said she was having twins. I was so excited for her, but couldn't wait to get in and find out what we were having.

So we went back to the ultrasound room and anxiously waited for our answer..How many....My belly already looked like I was 3 months pregnant. I heard the ultrasound tech say there's one...there's two.....Then Logan and her together say there's three.....OMG I was over the MOON....I always wanted three kids, now I am getting them all at once.

I felt like all the years of struggling with the infertility were worth it..I hit the Trifecta!!!! Wait not so fast....To be cont...


Jennifer G. said...
January 15, 2011 at 9:02 PM

your 3rd post is not coming up. Can't wait to read the rest of your story.

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