Disney Here We Come!!!

We are getting ready for our first Disney trip. Logan is not a fan of theme parks, he really doesn't like rides. But for his little munchkin he will make an exception. Logan is actually very excited about seeing Megyn OHHH and AHHHH at everything. She always wakes up saying OHHHTOODLES...and loves going to the Disney store. Logan even splurged and bought her the entire Tinkerbell outfit, she didn't want to take the wings off. My mom, brother, nephew and sister are also coming with us.

There are those people who tell us Megyn is too young and we shouldn't waste our money, but what they don't realize is this is just as much for us as for her. Logan and I have had dreams for years of taking our children to Disney. I am sad that I am unable to take my soon to be three year old triplets with us (because they are in heaven). This is a way to see our Rainbow baby enjoy all the things we were unable to do with our Trio.

I have vivid memories of my father riding the teacups with me as a little girl. He is now resting with my triplet angels, but will be with us at the park in spirit. Not a day goes by that I don't think about all of them. So we are going to Disney in their honor and we will have an Awesome time.

Logan and I have also decided to put any prospect of more children on hold for the time being, we are happy just being happy.

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