Where did my Baby go????

Where did my little baby go????

Megyn is 19 months and I feel like it has flown by. She is talking so much now and responding to what we say. She has started counting and can say Please and thank you. She is in LOVE with Tinkerbell. It feels like I put her to bed one night as a baby and she woke up as a toddler.

I have been struggling a lot lately on whether we should "try" for one more. I know for some people this is an easy no brainer...Well not for me....there is the issue of can I even get pregnant??? I still have a few frozen embies, but they are poor quality. And after the infertility struggle, I would have to deal with the pregnancy stress and possibly 7 months of bed rest. I struggle everyday with what we should do.

One day I want to have my Mirena taken out and just "see" what happens. and other days I feel like there is no way I want to struggle with all of the issues infertility and pregnancy will bring my family.

 It is just so hard because on one hand I feel so Blessed to have one perfect daughter, but on the other hand i would LOVE to have another child. Well for now we are just going to enjoy each other and our little family.

We are gearing up for our first Disney Trip, we only live an hour away so it should be fun...


Kathy said...
July 15, 2011 at 8:35 AM

I know exactly how you feel! Our little girl Lily is 2 1/2 and we have 5 frozen embryos. Just when I feel like I have a little adult and miss my "baby", I want to do it one more time. Then, I remember the exhaustion of fertility and then pregnancy, + I work full time and just can't even imagine spliting my already short spare time between 2 and the hubby. I think the decision for a 2nd is tougher for couples who struggled for the first one. Good luck! I'm not ready to say "yes" on an FET, but I'm not sure I can say "no" forever either.

PS - Where are you in FL? We live in St. Petersburg - Enjoy Disney! We can't wait to go this winter (I refuse to do the parks in the summer!) :)


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