2nd Ultrasound 5/28

We had our second ultrasound on Thursday 5/28. It was only a week since we got to see our little miracle, but I never get tired of Ultrasounds. The baby has doubled in size and has a strong heartbeat. We have been released to my OB, so our first appointment with my High Risk OB on Tuesday 6/2. We will get to see our Little one again. Being High Risk has its advantages and disadvantaged. It makes the pregnancy a little scary, but we get to see the baby a few times a month...

I am feel very good. I have only had a few nights of morning sickness. I am extremely tired most of the time, but I am loving it. I will add a picture of me soon, I have popped out already. Having triplets 6 months ago must have sent my body into being very pregnant. I can't fit into any regular clothes.


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