It's Official.....We are expecting!!!!! 5/5

The agonizing two week wait is finally over....Today 5/5/09 at 715am Logan and I made the drive to my fertility clinic. We were filled with excitement and anticipation. As soon as I saw Beth the IVF coordinator she had a grin, she asked "So Cathi, have you cheated?" I said well OF coarse I cheated, I couldn't wait two whole weeks.....She laughed and asked what the results were, I assumed by my ear to ear grin she already knew the answer. I said it was positive. Then Logan told her yeah she IS really pregnant. I laughed and asked him if he saw an extra line on the pregnancy test. He explained to Beth that as soon as I piddled on the stick it showed pregnant. So she took my blood work and told me she would call me later this afternoon. She added that she had an extremely busy day and wasn't sure when she would have time to call me. So I went to work, I am working a desk right now, they don't know I'm pregnant just that I had a procedure. I could hardly get through the day. I kept checking my phone to make sure it didn't accidentally shut off (really, I guess I am that The day couldn't have gone longer then at 246 I got the call. Beth called and confirmed what I already knew...We are pregnant.. So I asked her what my Beta was...She said 464 you are VERY pregnant....for those who are not used to infertility, at this stage you are lucky if your beta is over 100. So I go back on Monday for more Labs and a follow up Beta test. Then in two weeks we find out how many...


Molly said...
May 5, 2009 at 9:07 PM

Cathi, this is just great news !! Ive been thinking about you just recently, how you're guys doing (i ve been following your blog since last summer) I wish you one (as I understand, after triplets pregnancy even twins are high risk, my online friend in fact just lost hers few weeks ago :( happy and healhtly baby so you can finally become a mommy. Hopefully this is it for you ! I keep my fingers crossed for you
Molly, BC

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