GREAT NEWS!!! 5/11

Today I went back to the fertility doctor to have my beta done again. They didn't call me back until almost 4pm.....It was FREAKING torcher. Even a girlfriend of mine called to say she was on pins and needles. Finally Beth called me she said you are still definitely pregnant my beta was 3859. Still pretty high. We set my 1st ultrasound was scheduled for 5/21/09. We will find out how many little embryos took. We don't care we just want a boring pregnancy that results in a healthy baby or babies.

So this was my 1st official Mother's day. Honestly being on the Cruise helped me not really think to much about it. Logan was sweet and we had a great day in Puerto Rico. Today on our way to my in laws for dinner we stopped by the Babies grave site. I always pop in to make sure they are my flowers and pinwheels were still there. There was also these beautiful flowers and a card sitting on their head stone. I opened the card. My girlfriend Kelly R. wrote me the most wonderful Mother's Day card, It was one of the most thoughtful things I have ever received. (Thanks Kelly)


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