She is looking Great!!! 7/29

Today I am 16w 5d...We had our Level 2 ultrasound, Our little one is doing awesome. All of her parts are growing perfectly, and we are still having a GIRL she currently weighs 6oz. She is an ounce bigger than the average...YEAH!!! I am still on strict bed rest, but my cervix looks awesome and is holding strong. I am going to keep doing what I am doing and we will make it to Christmas!!! Logan wants to write "Don't open til Xmas" on my tummy. He is taking great care of us...Not a lot going on...I get very excited when I get to shower. So that's pretty much my excitement right now.

Logan made me a bed in the Nursery this week so we could start going through all of the baby stuff we have from the triplets. Currently the room is painted chocolate on the bottom with a chair rail and each wall is a different color green, blue, pink, and yellow. The crib is decorated all pink and chocolate. Logan really wanted to paint the room pink, So in the next few weeks it will be pained all pink on the top and chocolate on the bottom...very cute....she is going to be a luck she will turn out to be a "Tom Boy" well not until she can dress


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